Under the whispering eaves of the soaring Mkuti roof, shaded amongst Casarena trees and fragrant frangipanis, overlooking the Indian Ocean, is Watamu House.

A one of a kind private home blending modern function and traditional Swahili architecture, this is the destination for discerning travelers who wish for a place of tranquility amongst the allure Watamu. At Watamu House one can experience the intimacy of a private beachfront home, amongst the inspiring raw natural beauty and the spiritual and strong local community. The character and design of Watamu house is shaped by the harmony between life and ocean and the family’s history in East Africa.

The home emerges out of the ivory sand and coral outcrops of the beach, on a natural rise that overlooks the stretch of Watamu bay reflecting the natural splendor and authentic Swahili style of the Kenyan coast. From the landscaped garden, bursting with palms, flame trees and bougainvillea, to the hand crafted Mkuti roof, made by local artisans from palm fronds and whole tree trunks, Watamu House is an invitation to become part of the Kenyan landscape and history.

With six en-suite double bedrooms and a full staff, Watamu House is ideal for both family vacations and events of various kind. The elegant reception rooms and wrap around verandah can accommodate large groups for parties, photo shoots, weddings and other occasions to celebrate. The unique position and perspective of the house, is also ideal for hosting retreats for professionals and groups interested in alternative workshops, healing and holistic experiences such as yoga and meditation.